Front Desk Enquiry

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By filling our this electronic form you are giving us your consent to our terms for Data Recovery. These are displayed both on the wall at Reception beside this device and with take-away hardcopy in the accompanying stand.
A copy of our terms and Conditions is pinned to the wall by this device along with Hard Copies in the stand.

Please note you will also be sent a copy of these to your email once you process the Submit button.


Once you have Submitted this form, a copy of our terms will also be sent to you electronically along with the signature you provided to confirm your consent.

Please note: initially the lab will complete a no-fee assessment of your device. This generally takes around two business days and it is free of charge.

If we can recover your data we will advise and provide the costs of doing so. You are completely free to advise at this time that you don't wish us to go ahead with this. It can occasionally happen that recovery can end up being more expensive than expected, or even not possible at all. You will be under no pressure from us proceed. If you end up deciding not to proceed you are welcome to collect your device. We can also, if you prefer, courier it to you (if you will pay the courier fee) or dispose of it to recycling.

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